Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Being one of the traditional Universities in India, Mahatma Gandhi University had by and large catered to the academic needs of the students from Kerala and the neighbouring states in India. The University has responded to the recent changes in world education scenario by promoting students and faculty from foreign countries to study/teach in the Mahatma Gandhi University. Recognizing the importance of inter-cultural and inter-institutional interactions in enriching the academic community, the University has envisaged the involvement of its foreign students and faculty in its academic research activities and also in the higher education programmes. This policy of the University is strengthened by the International Student Exchange Programmes and other international endeavours the University has commenced in the recent past.

The University Centre for International Cooperation (UCIC) is an integral part of the Interdisciplinary Convergence Academia Center established in 2010. The central objective of UCIC is to explore the ways and means that shall facilitate students mobility, collaborative teaching, research and outreach programs with reputed institutions from abroad. It also facilitates academic mobility both inward and out-ward and organizes international summer schools on themes related to Indian society, economy, policy, culture and tradition. Besides many other functions, the Centre also coordinates programs with national agencies such as UGC, ICCR, ICSSR, and ICHR for the promotion of international cooperation. UCIC is instrumental in admitting about 154 foreign students from 45 countries  under MGU for the last 11 years through scholarship schemes offered by ICCR and also through self supporting scheme.

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